Application Process

If one is interested to apply to San Jose, he should first write a letter of intent to Father Rector, who supervises the whole admission process of applicants to San Jose Seminary. He is assisted by the Director of Admissions, the seminary faculty, and the staff of Our Lady of Peace Guidance Center.

Applicants are then directed to make an appointment to see the Provincial Contact Persons. Unless they can more easily go directly to San Jose Seminary, either the Contact Person or the person delegated by him administers the tests to the applicants and asks from them the other requirements. Applicants to San Jose Seminary undergo three phases of screening.

The papers that pertain to academics together with the IQ scores are evaluated by the Board of Admissions of the Loyola School of Theology. Our theology students are enrolled in the Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School, and LST does the screening of the applicants for theological studies.

Some qualified applicants who have not completed the ecclesiastical requirements in philosophy but are nonetheless already college graduates may be accepted into the Special Philosophy program prior to admission into regular Theology. However, they will have to go through all the phases of the admission process.

The Board of Admissions will process all the pertinent documents and then Father Rector will inform the applicants of the results of their application by the middle of March. Those to be admitted are given the date of entrance for their orientation into the life in San Jose Seminary. They are also asked to prepare some documents needed and send them immediately to the Seminary.