Vision and Mission


The Theologians’ Preamble

Trusting in the Grace of God,
it is the intention of San Jose Seminary
to form men who will dedicate their lives
as diocesan priests
to the effective proclamation of the Word of God
and the celebration of His Sacraments of Grace
toward the formation and nourishing
of communities of disciples
among His people in the Philippines.

Our spiritual, academic, apostolic, and communal formation
in the seminary shall have helped us
not only to be able to discharge
in freedom, in obedience to our bishops,
and in community with our diocesan priests and lay people,
the pastoral duties of the parish priest in the Philippines,
but also to make significant contributions to the life of the diocese.

Our formation shall have helped us
to understand the crucial nexus
between the proclamation of the Gospel and the struggle for justice.
We shall therefore have been prepared
to be authentic witnesses of Christian truths and values,
leaders in Christian parochial and diocesan life,
and prophets of a more just and humane society.

As disciples of Christ, and servant-leaders of Christian communities,
we hope to be characterized by holiness,
love for and humble service of the Filipino people, especially the poor,
personal integration as celibate priests,
social maturity,
skills for authentic philosophical and theological reflection in the Philippines
on parochial, diocesan, and even national levels,
zeal for social justice,
and a burning will to preach God’s Word to minister sacramentally to His people,
and to build and shepherd Christian communities unto the greater glory of God.